Wet Dream….


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The Horde has
found me,
and the Fortress
is under seige.

Engines of War
laying waste to walls
and the battlements
are breeched.

I fall back,
refusing to use all
my powers,
the Amazons and Titans
cum, attempts to
incircle me fail.

I retreat to my Temple,
locked in,
they bang at bedroom doors
demanding entrance,
persistant banging at
my bedroom doors
and the oak slits, slinter
breaking its iron bars.

They pour in and I’m

They nailed me to a cross,
feeling spikes rending flesh
and bone.

They tie me to a stake in the
the ground setting me on fire
voices muddle moans
distantly I hear myself

Awakening in sodden sheets,
wet in my lower regions
I jump out of bed,
bare running through the
to find sodden grounds
and boot tracks of a great host.

Was it only a dream,
or am I dreaming now?

Looking At You….


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Not very good
At expressions,
Looking at you
leaves me

I can feel you,
When you look at me
my back turned

Are our spirits

when we speak to
each other,
I laugh inside,
the ice encasing
my heart
melting away.

I desire you,
replacing that ice,
But wonder if I’m….
too jaded,
unworthy for
your presence.

So I sit,
fearing to
Look at

A HIV Theory, Observations and Rearch


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As always, I’m writing on the fly.

I have been HIV positive since 1989.

I haven’t ever been on HIV meds, and I wish to continue be that way to the day I die.

However, I’m at a medical crossroads.

My immune system is fine, but it could use a little tuning up….

Here is my theory in a nutshell: that the auto immune system can be influenced, (or informed) to directly attack the HIV virus.

In my case, that is through dreams and channeling sexual energy.

I would love to have a discussion on this and that’s OK.  I would also find elite controllers and other long term progressives who haven’t been on HIV medication for more than 5 years.


Eugene Hardy



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The Central had seen
Grander days….

We were the Original Fleet of the Empire,
Before the Black Hole….we originated the
Primal colonies.

Then the hole appeared and we cease being an empire and became Refugees.

Our scienctists told us our civiization would survive such a fate, but not how we would live.

The Home World is gone, swallowed by our own sun.

We fled, then forgot who we were, accute memory lost.

We survived so well, that we forgot we were brothers,
And declared each other Other,
for the love of war.

I’m supreme commander CF,
And I sacrifised my fleet,
spacers, for the love
of my enemy….

Her part was the leader of the
Horde, no queen is She,
She is Goddess!!!

Her fleets,
no mear merchantmen,
Were built only for war.

I fell in love her you see, Her stratgy unseeming,
But effective.

I fell for mind, then her soul.
And knew in my heart of hearts I never kill

Would any commander,
His fleet for love?

Her Horde,
Were not fighting us just then:
Evacuting her refugees
She and the Horde
got caught in the black hole.

We went in.



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Is that true,
You get the government
you ask for?

Or that you willingly
give your rights
and freedoms, so
that someone
you don’t like
can loose theirs?

The canary in that
Cage looks a little sick,
your fingers are
blue, but it’s OK,
you’re being a patroit, and
the drones in the sky
are not for you.

Their for the other bigots
in the in room.

Winter Rain


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It’s raining,
discerning individual
puddle to gather on
streets and sidewalks,
a congretation of water.

There’s a tree
with a plastic bag caught
in it’s branches I see through the fog….
until it moves
and becomes an
old white man.

Discarded booze bottles
and cigarette butts
tell tales, in mud.

The fog is lifting
and things
become clearer

Nothin’ New….


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What do you do,
when the air melts in
gold fluid, then suddenly
is not there?

Like waves over
mountain rocks it cascades
as a waterfall,
then nothing as I turn
see it.

Nothing new,
nothing new,
reality as a fluid
changing thing,

Nothing new,
nothing new,
buses can change
in plain view.

It just realty
being fluid,

It isn’t real(?)….