Sorry, but I have nothing else to write….

An alternative origin myth:

….from a mass of pure bordom….

It collapsed, and created the universe….

I have been giving some thoughts on death, divinity and the existence of a universe filled with galaxies that seem to be ever expanding.

I know.

Some will read this the wrong way, so in advance I apologize, (is it the thought of pending doom, or curiosity?)



0109 HRS

OK, I don’t like this new beta format at all….

I don’t know what to say about our recent hurricane (s) weather, accept that we need to be more prepared for ever powerful storms, and the frequencies as well.

I will not share all my views here because a lot of people have survive another hirricane and general flooding.

I think a serious investment in sea walls along our coast, and why even now more people will remember the Mexican-American border dispute instead of the preventive loss of lives and and property.

I think I’m becoming rurned off at the of sex, while at the same time dealing with a overdriven sexdrive.

I started turning people down, and I’m not certain that’s happiness.

Biological Clock

Drips from a bad gutter, marking time against

A pine railing.

The railing is nude, its grains of dark brown,

marks time as the rain falls on pebbles: whites, brown, blacks and grays, while the rain flows to a

trash filled curbside….

I wonder if the rains thinks of passage of time….

All this bullsh😭t….


, , , , , ,


cut out

my eyes and

linked images

directly to the….

I can’t believe

What I’m been


….another school shooting,

but why the debate?

Protect the children

And yet no one knows how to do that….

Develop a nourishing society that respects everyone….


This not a joke.


Ahh….all is going as planned….

The new emporer has assumed control and all will grow to a holt.

People starve in flood ravaged homes, people shot by the police unjustly….

Seeds I’ve planted myself….

I don’t care about color or race, all I want is the war….

But you can’t have love get in the way….which is why I want to build a wall,

Even though walls don’t work….

Allies no longer trust her,

Her light held high, but tarnished

and the light does not reach well as it use too….

And the people still don’t have a clue.

I should wisper into Putin’s ear to move a division into the Ukraine early, that should add some spice!

The people protest but the leaders are not listening,

(yeah, I whispers in their ears too….),

fierce believers all


Oh, why do you look at me that way?

Why do I do it?

For the love of chaos and war.

Haven’t had a good battle in

ages….ha, ha!

– Gilgamesh

I am Eridu….


, , ,

I don’t know

my origins

Being a primal Man,

So please my

pesting, but I really must


What is with this world?

When you found me,

I was happy humping a tree.

Then you maded me where pants!

Now I see old men, pants

Hangin’ off their Ass!

I mean really!

This politics I see….

quietly watched my

Country fall apart….

My soul is great but

wonder about my


in this world.


Here I am again.

I haven’t been here for awhile, due to life being distracting. Which kinda makes me feel crappy, because I use my writing for my emotions and dreams. But my poetry doesn’t make money for me, and I my job is minimum wage job sits in the middle of the day.

But while these things are true, I still strive to live my life as part of a way.

Need better time management….



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If you only knew what I see….

To you:

This reality….

To Me:

A voyage of Spirit Time,

some poor soul on a billionth lifetime traveling to earth by a sleeper seed ship.

He’s been ant colonies on a planet of mud.

But the sex colonies of Earth are the best for corporal addicts….

“Hey, all I want is my refund and my ticket off this rock!!”

Spiritual Advisor/ Customer Service:

“But soul, you are contracted for another 3 lifetimes….”

“With whom?

I already fucked these people . And I’m sure some of them repeatedly….and I have complaints!

There is no Soulmate on this plain and I simply refuse any sexual contact.

Fucking penal colony….

There’s no free expression here, too many taboos and religious conflicts,


I don’t know, but

I ain’t doing it no more….

(Says the sex addict, snicker….snicker)

Still Disstracted….


, , , , , , , ,

It’s a never ending Dance while I live,


I disire to kiss Her,

while fearing Her ambrace.

Life goes on, moments are missing because I seeing Her on the streets, Him in a back alley,

In dreams I’m an Elemental,

Waking I’m just a conflicted man,

wondering the world….