Ahh….all is going as planned….

The new emporer has assumed control and all will grow to a holt.

People starve in flood ravaged homes, people shot by the police unjustly….

Seeds I’ve planted myself….

I don’t care about color or race, all I want is the war….

But you can’t have love get in the way….which is why I want to build a wall,

Even though walls don’t work….

Allies no longer trust her,

Her light held high, but tarnished

and the light does not reach well as it use too….

And the people still don’t have a clue.

I should wisper into Putin’s ear to move a division into the Ukraine early, that should add some spice!

The people protest but the leaders are not listening,

(yeah, I whispers in their ears too….),

fierce believers all


Oh, why do you look at me that way?

Why do I do it?

For the love of chaos and war.

Haven’t had a good battle in

ages….ha, ha!

– Gilgamesh