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0109 HRS

OK, I don’t like this new beta format at all….

I don’t know what to say about our recent hurricane (s) weather, accept that we need to be more prepared for ever powerful storms, and the frequencies as well.

I will not share all my views here because a lot of people have survive another hirricane and general flooding.

I think a serious investment in sea walls along our coast, and why even now more people will remember the Mexican-American border dispute instead of the preventive loss of lives and and property.

I think I’m becoming rurned off at the of sex, while at the same time dealing with a overdriven sexdrive.

I started turning people down, and I’m not certain that’s happiness.

It’s not happiness I think, if it is done out of fear.

Guess I will know after I post this.

And I think the same could be true of anyone needing to build a wall.

But there is a difference between a delusional fear and a very real threat.

Anyway, I vote for sea walls….