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The Central had seen
Grander days….

We were the Original Fleet of the Empire,
Before the Black Hole….we originated the
Primal colonies.

Then the hole appeared and we cease being an empire and became Refugees.

Our scienctists told us our civiization would survive such a fate, but not how we would live.

The Home World is gone, swallowed by our own sun.

We fled, then forgot who we were, accute memory lost.

We survived so well, that we forgot we were brothers,
And declared each other Other,
for the love of war.

I’m supreme commander CF,
And I sacrifised my fleet,
spacers, for the love
of my enemy….

Her part was the leader of the
Horde, no queen is She,
She is Goddess!!!

Her fleets,
no mear merchantmen,
Were built only for war.

I fell in love her you see, Her stratgy unseeming,
But effective.

I fell for mind, then her soul.
And knew in my heart of hearts I never kill

Would any commander,
His fleet for love?

Her Horde,
Were not fighting us just then:
Evacuting her refugees
She and the Horde
got caught in the black hole.

We went in.