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I hear the music,
it gets lauder everyday….

In my dreams,
In the beginning,
I was chased, beaten and
always in fear.

Afraid of the Dark….

The day I awakened
was after my father killed me,
throwing me off a plane
ten thousand feet high….

(Thank you Dad!)

Then my fears ran from my cruelty and
enemies cowarded before me.

I was a supreme despot
and sorcerer,
I laid waste to all the world….
….until I came upon that
black, damned Fortress in the Darkness.

To better know Myself
in kindness and mindfulness,
I laid down my arms
and shed my robes.

And became
a train reck,
a chaotic dream world
in grays.

But the music plays,
boots echols
off buildings
from marching soldiers.

I find myself
druming my fingers,
tapping my feet,

Hearin’ the call to