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Man, if I only took up accounting….

Today I received my first rejection notice for my poetry.  Actually, thats a good thing, because it hurts, but survivable.

I’ll wear the thing as a badge of courage.

Now, about accountants….

If you have read anything about my thoughts of economics, you know where I’m coming from intellectually and culturally.

Frankly, we Americans are not seeing what we really need to see on the issues in our presidential election. Which means economic empowerment and economic inequality will only get worse.

Yeah, I have political biases like just about everyone else.

If we only could elect accountants, responsible for the books and everything else American.

Personally, I would vote for the best accountant(s) available.

But I don’t see that in this presidential election, at least from the DMC or the GOP.

And that saddens me.

Not just about the economics, but about the parties themselves.

I’d go with the Libertarian or the Green Party, but because of America’s political culture, neither of these small parties has a chance, (which says a lot about our political sense as Americans.)

Oh well, so much for politics….

For the longest time I have been considering celibacy, and I’m the only one standing in my way.


Ain’t we all just works in progress?