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5:43 AM….

I am up for the rest of the day, wondering if I will have any time for meditation.

I wonder how the first monks, truth seekers and dreamers dealt with distractions.

I was once in the frame of mind that these folks had it easy.  I mean, no TVs, no phones, or social media, or jobs as we know it.

But then, usually just after thinking this mental cop out, that if anything, people in our timeline have it easier in trying to enlighten themselves or their spiritual life.

It is true, I do not have a tree under which to meditate, or as many private moments in my spiritual life, I have at least my freedom of choice to do just that, and people in the past probably had less volition than I.

So why complain?
Not a complaint, but an observation.

Well, it could be that humanity after thousands of years of worship or meditation, that humanity haven’t made much progress in the emptiness
of life.