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Is it possible to develop feelings for people in friends with benefits, (FWB)?

I have to say yes, and the more you have, the the complicated your situation.  Uh, my situation with my FWBs friends have somehow found a place in my heart, except that missing big piece. 

That is, I have grown feelings for them, and I’m at the point of backing away to my little hermit hole.  I have thought of  celibacy as a point of retreat, but my hunger for sex gets in the way of that thought.

Or is this fear of true intimacy?

I have to ask the question because of my past.
I was extremely lucky to be married, but found myself divorced.


You might ask, if I’ve been married twice, why bitch about living a swinger’s life, with sex at least two to three times a week?

I believe sex to be a sacred thing, even though that sex may be one moment in time between stranger and yourself, regardless of your sexual preference.

And in my case, I have a spiritual belief in a soulmate…. or is that soulmates?