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I wonder if God, (Goddess) cares if the United States elects a woman to the Presidency.

Honestly, I’m not sure if God knows humans exist, so why a specific presidential campaign in the US?

E’mails and Benghazi seemed designed to politically and socially discredit Hillary Clinton.

I don’t think God (or Goddess) cares if Mrs. Clinton is elected or not, (I mean, we are talking multiple universes filled with different versions of existence).

So why put a particular religion in schools and teach it as some kind of science?

Hey, if we are going to teach religion in schools, then it should be all religions on the planet, even from some guy on a hill in some cave alive today.

But does that make sense?

Nope, not at all.

So why teach any religion?

Don’t see the reasons to any of these things, and can only conclude that it a province of man that should be done, and a majority of said population.



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