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Riding the bus to work gives opportunities to view the landscape rolling pass you.

Detroit is continuing its economic recovery very nicely.  There are new shops and restaurants opened around Woodward Ave and Cass Corridor, (now called Mid-Town) between where I live and downtown.

We are building a new hockey area, which I’m sure will bring more jobs to the area.

As I look, as I roll through the Detroit city scene, I can’t help but wonder if all this economic progress will survive the next economic crisis, and if the city can retain these economic gains.

From my point of view it depends on such things like if the new businesses are cyclical, or if all this economic development includes the development or redevelopment of the neighborhoods, or how many small businesses are being created in those neighborhoods.

There is also the issue of taxes in Detroit: the city taxes the residents that live and work here.  The taxes here are relatively high, which is not good for a city with a shrinking population.

I think as matter of policy will have to reform its tax code, limit tax breaks for businesses, focus on the development of non-cyclical small businesses or proprietors, among other things.

But there is progress….



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