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The fires in California are growing in intensity, and more people are directly effected by the endangerment of small towns.

A small town like Middleton, California.

Seeing the destruction of that town makes me wonder if humanity is doing enough about climate change to prevent this kind of destruction.

Honestly, I do not believe we are, and that it will only get worse….

I often wonder why my sex drive is gearing up at my age.

It’s like a transmission in a sports car with no upper limits.  To complicate my situation I’m accumulating more sex partners in men and I haven’t been with a woman since my divorce in 2015.

I still long for the companionship of a woman, and believe it or not I miss my ex-wife of over eight years.

Why is this a problem?

After all, I’m a free spirit able to with as many people as I want to be, even if they are all men.

Well, there are a few concerns:

I’m bi-sexual, and while I’m cool with just being with guys, the desire for a woman continues to grow.

I’m something of a gnostic whore, which means that I think that sex, love and love making are spiritual or sacred, and that I should have partners that reflect that.

I find that I treat men differently than women, and assign more emotional value to women the longer I go without a woman’s presence.

I know, my friends calls me a mess, but it least I’m freer and honest, (or at the very least, trying to live that way.

I guess that is why I am poet, wish I was more….balanced.


I currently have an e-book of poetry being sold for under a dollar for 99 cents,“Conflicts”.

Sales go to the support of my poetry and limited profit liability company, Stone Temple Micro-Finance and Research, L3C.