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I used to do this a lot as a younger man.

Why did I stop?

09.08.2015 Journal Entry

I had a pretty good Labor Day weekend and week.

My dreams have proven true all the time, and almost all the time they come true in one aspect or another, even if I tried to avoid the sexual encounter.

Sometimes I have dreams of sex before I have sex.

The images are sometimes dark and forbidden, in the shadows lurks….you.

And you do not know how to stop him.

He is a monster that undermined your will,  broken like a bridge across rapids.

My monster comes as deepest black, cloud-like, but fluid or a man.

If anyone had any experience in dream working, I accept this monster as myself, or a certain underfed hunger.

I’m still too much of a prude to post the actual dreams, do my best to be accurate in images.

This image, long in age of my dreams is my sexual hunger, my lust….



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