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Goddess and
God, what is
going on,
Are these signs,
a conspiracy or
normal life….
Gunning down blackmen,
A black professional woman
Suicides in a jail cell,
and the population rolls on….

Are black people ‘people’,
Or cunnaries in a mine?

A presidential candidate,
clearly bigoted,
gains in the polls….

Are black people, ‘people’ or canaries in a mine?

What’s happening
here, where people
Do not see?

Power and wealth,
becoming 1800’s France,
On global scale,
The world on a slow
Not down, but up,
the lid jiggles….

The 99% slowly becomes poorer,
But were never free
in the place….

How can this be goddess,
Are we not the land of the free?

Were we ever free?



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