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I used to worry about our police folk, but its nice to see some good in you. I will not share the event changed my perceptions and will only share that change.

My earliest perceptions were not positive: I was walking with my best friend, chillin’ at the age of 12.

Then there are sirens, and a DPD squad car.   Two policemen, one at the wheel, the other gets out.

At 12 I was pretty small, and he appeared a giant to me.

I was frisked, and when I didn’t have anything on me, (thanks mom and dad, another in your Court….), they let us go.
The policeman at the wheel had his gun out, and I didn’t ever forget that.

….And from that day forward I considered policemen beyond race….

The officers were black….

Traumatic, because I had reasons they hurt me or make a mistake.
Had to change my perceptions.

And some of our policemen have behaved in ways not related to the qualities and values of the badge they wear concerning the treatment of the public they serve.

And I lost your thrust.

Then I saw a bit of local news of a policeman who did a bit of good today.

That made me feel good,