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On the bus one day, going to work to earn my $9.10 an hour washing dishes for four hours.  It is a day in which I will work four hours, earning a grand total of $36.00 for the day.

But in total, it will take me 2 and a half hours to get to work, and another two and a half hours to get home, spending about $4.50 for the whole day….

I have been reading the news about income inequality, (or economic inequality, which is a better term describing what is happening around the world, but particularly in the US of A).

There is a reason why I described my more or less work day, but I’m going to leave it right there until I share a few ideas with you.

Because our economy in the States and the rest of the world are saying through culture and economics that people in poverty can not empower themselves economically, that all the poor must forever be dependent on programs like welfare or the dole.

And while those programs may have well attentions and humane, that the poor can only leave their impoverished conditions through job or a handout.

This ideology, this myth, is not a democratic or humane.

It is our right to empower ourselves through our own labors….for our own empowerment.

Eugene Hardy