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You know when your country is in trouble when a major political party remains silent after an event like the slayings of nine black people which included a sitting state senator.

In fact, by the GOP not saying anything speaks volumes.

First, a national political party should not be defined or fearful of making a statement or taking a stand on such an event, even for fear of loosing conservative votes.

By the GOP saying nothing as a party at this stage, suggests that they are weak domestically.

It is bad enough that GOP economic  policy essentially does not work in terms of growing the economy for the bottom 20% percent of the population in the US, but to not have a voice or political policy about the slayings is uncaring and indifferent.

And no, it is not enough for two leading Republican presidential candidates, the GOP must  a statement as political party.

And if it is true that the GOP as a national party, then it isn’t good for the country as a whole.

Frankly, it means there really is only one party in town, and that ladies and gentlemen, isn’t democracy.