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Ever have an off the wall question? I have thought about the Hopi civilization off and on since my reading about them years ago. In their origin myth, the Hopi migrated to earth. Before earth, they have migrated to four other planets. Assuming that this is myth more than folklore, how did they do it?

I have a few of my own creation or myths, that I sometimes create when thinking about the origins of humankind.

Here are a few of my favorites:

#1. Colonization by An Advanced Civilization.

That we are a lost colony of some civilization, that has died out(?)

#2. The Great Universal Mother.

Like a bird, The Great Mother laid her egg after ensure our initial survival and left.

Not abandonment, just the nature of life….

#3. Joining of Two Into One.

That we are the sexual compilation of energy beings, and we, all life, are those beings incarnate….

NOTE: We have looked for other civilizations at stars and galaxies, and have found the universe empty, with the exception of ourselves.

Where did we come from, and where should we go?