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Good Day Folks, (however, where I am, its night in Detroit.  Guess its a relative kind of thing….).

I just read an interesting article ( Did Affluence Spur the Rise of Modern Religions? Scientific AmericanBret Stetka ).

Please read the article at Scientific American, to better draw your own ideas and conclusions.

I think it interesting that the birth and growth of certain religions occurred when part of a population managed to have more time on their hands, and managed to get at least 20,000 calories a day per person.

I guess I question their theories on several points, but I’ll focus on just on this one point:  What happened to these religions today as far as behavior and actions between other religions?

Specifically, what happened to their founding ideas concerning the poor?

From what I observed, there are certain religions that seem to have failed in their mission to help the poor, so how can affluence be the cause of these religions rise?

Anyway, an interesting article and study….

What do you think?