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They walk among us….
Today my bus driver,
    he sung off key,
      with a high tone
I swore the windows
     vibrated and

A Little Boss,
    empolitely with
    disrespect orders
     us around,
    As if we were
       errant children.
    We move faster,
   But the boss streaks,
“move faster,
        do this!  Do that!!”

A corporate accountant,
Seeing profits and
revenues rise,
    cuts personnel but
    enforces those left to
     pick up the pace,
     do more work!
But won’t pay you for
    your extra efforts.
    Instead says,
     “You don’t have what
      it takes, you’ll to be replaced”
    For a more efficient cog….

Those Vongons whisper in ears,
     flood the media, that we don’t
     need the Other….
Even though, you to them are the other!

Those Vogons play both ends,
    Stack the deck and rig the wheel
    With a pat on your back….

Those Vogons, don’t you just
    love ’em?

In honor of Douglas Adams, one of funniest science fiction writers to ever live.