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I’m usually quiet and don’t say much about this subject online, but as the old saying goes, a closed mouth don’t get fed….

I think sometimes that I don’t have an extraordinary sex.  But then when I talk to other people and friends, I have found that I have more sex than most.  There’s a close  friend of mine that thinks my desired adverage of two to three times a day to be extreme, but then, she’s been celibate since 2009.
Others, however, seem content with once a week

My friend, the one whose celibate, thinks I should see counseling or SA, (Sex Anonymous), but I see such a grouping as a hunting ground to feed my passion and lust, (yeah, tried that!).

So now I just follow my flow and energy, but it gets lonely….

It’s hard being a sacred bi-sexual and nympho.

Now, does this have to do with mindfulness?
When I found I was OK with my sexuality and constant need, I started researching the Tantra, meditation and sacred sexuality.

These gave me a framework of understanding myself spiritually, brought awareness of my sexual energy, (chi, lifeforce, kudalini….).

So, when I have sex, I clear my mind and focus on the sexual act, relaxed as a meditation.

And most of all enjoy the moment….

Now, if I can only raise my chi from its Root to the other six chakras….