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This is a Question, but also a Thought….

I love coins.
They hold a lot of symbolism and culture….

I know for a fact that conservatism and liberalism use to mean different concepts decades ago in the United States, and believe the older versions of our current thinking were better though not perfect.

Conservatism used to be about self dependency and a good work ethic, and liberalism the empowerment and education of all of humanity.

Now, it more related to political and social differences between conflicting cultures that both deny commonalities.

In terms of politics and economics, they have become negatives of the same Coin.

Neither thinking in culture or economics provides new answers to problems on poverty or empowerment.

They do offer failed ideas, however….

I will leave my criticism of these concepts there for now.

I think I will however focus on a answer, but in the form of a question:

What about true empowerment?

Isn’t it time for a new Coin?

OK, two questions.


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