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First, if you ever experienced deja vu, you know that it is not your imagination.

Yet you experienced this moment before….

I have deja vu, but I’m not sure why it occurs.

Have some theories, observations and readings over the years.

If know you the moment, you have to accept that it is true.

My second thing I did was to understand why.

I have read somewhere that it comes from our dreams.

In think thats a good theory, accept that I that is at least have true.

Yes, I have had dreams that comes through as true.

But the quality of dreams are full of symbolism, and not always forthcoming.

There are three different levels to sleep: light sleep, ReM – (rapid eye movement) and deep sleep.

We know that we do most of our dreaming during ReM sleep, and I think we can dream during the other levels, except these other dreams may be more abstract.

There are, I think, times in which our spirits go traveling through dreams, even across space and time….


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