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I have spent my life riding on buses, so I’m not new to the idea or experience in riding a crowded bus.

But the experience I’m having in Detroit is an education in and of itself.

I have lived in Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Paul and a few other smaller cities, so I do have other cities to compare my current experience to.

Also, I grew up here.

Twenty-five years ago the buses were no way near as crowded they are now.  Half the time, you will have to stand because there are no seats to be had.

Standing while riding isn’t so bad, but is made worse if you can not move around without bumping into someone.

The worse part however, is the growing lack of civility, especially if the buses are crowded.

I f I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was kind of social experiment, to see how a population could be made less civil.

But, then there are some bright spots when you do see civility practiced, making the buses just a little bit more bearable.


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