Stone and Temple ©

before a tired
looking clerk….

A Voice,
The Voice,
full of light

“Welcome, welcome Mr. Poet,” said the Voice.
The Poet look at the clerk, who did not
notice him.

“Mr. Poet, always knew you’d end up here. You are here to be evaluated and judged.

Oh, by the way, you are slightly dead.”

“Oh, OK” Said the poet.
“You’re not shocked? That’s right, you have been here before haven’t you….”

“Don’t rightly remember Sir.”

The clerk, shuffling through a stack of papers….
“Hmm, your poetry is, so so. Not a great poet.
You seem to be preoccupied with….”

Shuffle, shuffle….

“….with the empowerment of humankind?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well, what’s your mission: to write poetry or empower humanity?”

“Both Sir.”

“Well you qualify for reassignment, pick one.”

“No Sir”

With that, the clerk looked up, taking notice of the man standing
before him. The Voice…

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