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OK, now I’m going to say this and confess something….

I’m a poet, but I’m also a researcher.
No, I’m not a formal with a degree researcher and it’s up to you to judge….

Has anyone read about income inequality?

I’ve been reading about it for months now, especially after the THOMAS PEKITTY REPORT, published in 2013.

There have other reports, some of which conflicts with Mr. Pekitty’s report, shows that the US of A is the highest in inequality among developed nations….

First, I think it foolish to point fingers as to why it has become this way.

I think its more important to actually have working solutions….

I’m interested in what you think would be a workable solution(s), devoid of rhetoric and ideology.


That it should be grass roots.

Not saying that help from the corporate/government sector couldn’t help, but that this also about economic empowerment.

I’ll leave it there.

All are welcomed, but please be civil….

Thank You.

UPDATE- April 2nd, 2015

I’ve decided one way to have this conversation is ask people in cities high unemployment and declining populations. And I’ve also chosen New York City because its relatively high population density.

Of course, everyone and anyone may participate in the conversation.