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This has been my question, both personal and economical since 2005.

Now that I think about it, there is more than one question here.

And maybe that’s a good thing….
Why is it in a country that prides itself in being capitalists, that we can’t economically empower our poor citizenry?
I mean, if India can do it, why can’t my country do it?

Economically, you think this makes sense.

We would lower our welfare rolls, states and federal budgets wouldn’t have to be cruel and hateful in cutting budgets in endangering the lives of millions of our fellow citizens.
Empowering these same citizens would raise higher revenue in taxes.

And there’s all that patriotic fluff about greater consumerism putting more money into our economy.

And my favorite point, people can have a hand up pulling ourselves out of poverty.

It’s not like micro financing is a brand new concept, it’s probably been around for centuries.

So, why is it we do this in this country?

Perhaps its a cultural thing….
Which makes no sense at all….



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