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What’s your preference, mortal?
How you wanna live….
How you gonna die….
Knellin’ in prayer, or meditation,
Or beggin’ for your life?

Standin’, in defense of Self
keeper of your ground?
If so, is what you see offensive?
While your fellows get cut down,
The poor as fodder for Machines?

How do YOU fight,
Have you a blade,
A pen?
Are you Poor,
A sail without a rudder,
A cog, or Machine, feedin’
for fodder?

How you gonna’ live?
Why you gonna’ die….?


I currently have an e-book of poetry being sold for under a dollar for 99 cents, “Conflicts”.

Sales go to the support of my poetry and limited profit liability company, Stone Temple Micro-Finance and Research, L3C.