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On streets in Detroit,
Where suburbs borders
The suburban side is clean,
unlitter, neat and
Across the street on the Detroit side
are buildings without windows,
and trash blows in streets.
But, look closer at the suburban side, the buildings are unoccupied and soulless….

Where the Bull runs free,
And gold and silver flows,
People have faded glory,
Their eyes dim,
lacking luster.
Hurried, a woman dashes into
a waiting sudan,  behind her sunglasses
her eyes tell the same tale
of lost….

In ancient Nimrud,
people destroy their own
by stone by stone, hammers, bulldozers, thinking idolatry instead of
heritage, time frozen like
A mirror.

so stupid, they will
lie and cheat,
unaware that they
delute their own truth….

A population, so lost,
they will believe anything
told to them, as Nimrud falls….

Will we burn all our books
except Bibles, and proclaim
ourselves free?….

As the fear grows within all of us
we lose ourselves in false



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