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First, I am truly sorry to hear of the assault of police officers.
And second, that I am not surprised.

I hate to say it, but one could look upon Ferguson as a micro representative for the entire country of the United States, in terms of its lack of empowerment for people, especially those without access to tools that would allow economic empowerment.

It is especially troubling to me because, a certain element of our society now see police officers as ‘the other’, and that violence as an alternative to our laws and social values.

By the way, does the term, “other” sound familiar?

It’s usually used in defining a group seen as outsiders or alien from another group, usually with the alienating group being dominate or the majority.

Only here, the other are policemen….
And no, this isn’t a good trend.

All of us need to stop seeing each as something or someone to hate, because we are all one people, one species….