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The world died a long time ago.

The only thing left are forty-one androids manufactured for pleasure.

As a circumstance, there were millions of these units, but the war, then the cataclysm and finally simple entropy only these few.  Because these androids model themselves after their masters when they disappeared from the face of the world, they choose the most obsolete of their numbers to be their sole servant.

This android they called “D”.

The only thing left in the world besides these androids was a museum piece of a restaurant called the Roaring Twenties On Wall Street.  Everyday the androids would gather and pretend to talk about stock, fabulous food they were eating, and wealthy they were, or how wealthy they were going to be.

But for some of them, they gathered to watch “D” work and cater to their whelms.

“D” did not mind at first.

After all, it was only an android, programed and assigned to do a task, which was to serve these other androids.

But as the years went by “D” noticed the other androids behavior change towards him.  At first, they would allow him breaks, which stopped after the first year of service to them.

And no one ever changed places with him, so he could switch roles a ‘patron’.

One day, “D” was busing a table when he came across a pretend news paper.

Its headline: Dumb Android, Unaware He Is Being Miss Treated.

Under the headline, were patrons talking about “D” in the most unflattering of ways.


“D” finished busy the tables, took the dishes back to the kitchen to pretend to wash them.

End of Fable.

NOTE: Now ladies and gentlemen, whats wrong with this picture?