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I entered a
brightly lit waiting room,
Though, I knew not from

There sat before me
were occupied chairs,
pearly white walls and

Standing there frightened
me, because I could not see
A seat for me.

More so, I was frightened
by those already seated….

A man-shape thing, aflamed,
burning bright yellow,
Looked up from his magazine,
five years out of date….

A woman of water,
with tiny fish and sea-horses
Swimming within her.
The fish seemed to favor her breasts, the sea-horses near her Root….

“Poet! Move along, you’re standing in my way,” then there was a shove and I was inside the room.

A dark man, dressed in black,
long sword hung on his left,
And two books: one of spells and
An old ledger with pens and quills, brushed by me.

The dark man took the seat I could not see, mumbling “simpleton” under his breath as he glared at me.

A even brighter glow from
an inner office opened, “No need to wait, come! House Rules, jokers are wild, and and please be civil!

As I fell in behind them, I wondered why
I took so long to make this visit….




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