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I don’t drive.

I believe that I’m better off not driving, especially in Detroit.

There are two bus systems that operate in southeastern region of the state of Michigan: Detroit Department of Transportation and SMART, (Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation). There have probably been some changes within the last twenty years to get the two authorities to coordinate with each other, but based on experience they have failed badly.

Both systems have been plagued by politics either racially or regionally with various funding and personnel problems.

Buses are often late, (although SMART performs better on both points, I have experienced enough buses not showing up or lateness greater than twenty minutes to consider this suburban system an underperformer).

It is especially hard to get to work, on the weekends I have to catch three different buses. If I miss one bus, or if any bus is late, I’m late for work.

So, why am I writing this?

I think that in and of itself the issues relating to public transit is a problem here that should be written about and reported to an outside audience.

Looked upon regionally with an eye to the present and future economic situation, the both transit systems are symptoms of something deeply wrong.

Eugene Hardy
Stone Temple Micro-Finance and Research
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