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Had this dream around 4:50 A.M. this morning.


My dad and I are living together in a well to do neighborhood.  He is a compassionate, ruthless and quiet man, not easily giving over to emotional expression.  (Think of a black Spock from Star Trek, portly, without the pointy ears, that laughs only once a month), we share the house, thats been in the family for decades.  He has, however, fallen into a spiteful relationship with a neighbor.

There’s a flash flood, threatening to drown our House, but before that it takes out our neighbor and his House.

My dad then does something odd and horrific: he dances a jig to Jesus, thankful and joyful for the death of our neighbor.  But our house is tilting and the gas line has broken, plus an army of ants are swarming the stove.  My dad, however, is still dancing with joy, just as the ants as one unit make a flying leap for me, while I try to drag my dad away.

The dream ends.

Now, there are some background information you should know, (and probably some stuff I’ll forget to disclose):

Growing up, we children were not raised as Christians.  We were more like atheists.  Dad NEVER danced in his life and we did not associate with any neighbors, the house and neighborhood are symbolic of something.  Dad and I only started to get along in his later years, and we did not talk much and lived in separate cities. He was bedridden, and needed a walker and someone to support him getting around.

I do enjoy dad visiting my dreams, he help me become the person that I am.

I would enjoy also any input from my readers.




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