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There is a ‘person’ or  ‘persons’ walking around without any clothes (corporations), morals or common decency, that does not honor their debts to its workers, communities, our society and the nation at large.

…..They’re family or friends that short changed you when purchase something….

…..They do not pay you your worth, or treat you like a fellow human being….

And poverty is their friend, along with class divisions, using diversity like a dirty word: ‘black equals poverty, white is wealth and that is how it should be….’

But I ask: Look around you and know that the status quo isn’t sustainable or honorable, and isn’t even the truth….
….That if one suffers poverty then we are ALL poorer as a society and NATION….
….and we too have no clothes….

I currently have an e-book of poetry being sold for under a dollar for 99 cents, “Conflicts”.

Sales go to the support of my poetry and limited profit liability company, Stone Temple Micro-Finance and Research, L3C.

“The emporor has no clothes….”