First off, I’m someone that lives in poverty, but I don’t consider myself poor.

I have the four basics down: Clean water, or less, food, not then best but I’m not starving, clothing, old used, but I can throw out the ones with holes in them, and shelter through subsidized rent.

The only then I do not have but need is internet service.

I think that problem of income inequality has always been a problem going back decades, and if its not properly dealt with can lead to more than a stagnate economy.

But the solutions proposed don’t seem right to me, so I’ve thought of my own: That the poor must help themselves, and disassociate themselves from the main culture that have help them be poor.

It means raising our own income without government assistance, without the assistance of the wealthy or the middle class, because all of these groups and institutions have failed us in one way or another.

My thinking is that poverty as we know it can only be eliminated by the full self empowerment of the poor.

I do not know the best to empower us, but I know that in my heart that we at least have more dignity.

1. What does poverty symbolizes?

Eugene Hardy,
Stone Temple Micro-Finance and Research,
Primary Researcher

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