untitled no. #1

I have no desire

To rule over people.

I desire to works

the uplifts,

shining light in dark places, so that fear cannot hide….

Is that true?

That if possible starve,

it is because the rulers are


The Tao says so.

So I will not rule,

but write good works.




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It builds, it builds.

I’m a water bearer, a man made of fire

A passion without borders,

I’m constrained.

I’ve burned people,


twisted, motain iron hot.

Burn with me?

Bad Apples


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Watching a country burn, under a cyber ‘boot’,

It’s leaders enthralled

to a foreigner’s service,

the will of it’s people

watered down and missed directed.

And the worms keeps eating deeper into gray matter

Until there is nothing left to save….

A Slow Rotting


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No, I do not know….

why I cry

my tears do not speak to me,

mocking me in their silence….

No chance meeting of a lover on the streets.

Marching hooded white men armed to the teeth, pulling colored shopkeepers from their shops putting bullets to heads….

Children in cages, crying for mama and papa in a universal language but their captors won’t listen.

And The Blood Flag flys high over the White House.

No, I do not know why….