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Today I live one of my greatest fears – being homeless.

No, it is not something I wanted or planned for. I can only say that I promised myself that I would not suffer abuse from anyone anymore, and that continued abuse, whether physical, verbal, emotional or pyschological will not be tolerated by me.

It has been about a week since I left, but honestly I don’t know, I have lost track of time.

And from my point of view it all sucks.

Of course, I could have stayed and continue to take the abuse.

But then if I did, I would look less like a man and more and more like a kicked dog, flinching and cowardly tuck my tail between my legs, to surrender my balls without an expression of opposition or opinion.

But the worst part is, my former best friend claims she does not know why I left.

I know I have a weak resolve on a lot of things, (especially sex). Now I’m going to find that resolve.

And hang on….


Is one human more

valuable than another?

Are the homeless, or hiv patients less approachable than #Donald_Trump?

Or when we value one over another, are we in truth cheating ourselves?

If we can’t answer these questions, the word “human” will have no value.



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Well , this IS another fine mess I’ve gotten myself into….

I have moved to San Diego, and it turns out that the legs on that idea were, at best, somewhat wobbly.

There are a large number of homeless here, more than what’s noticeable in Detroit. And no, not all of them are mentally ill – there are some able bodied people too.

And that frightens me, not just because of my current predicament, but the state of humanity.

Because people seem ‘ok’ with that. There is a lot of wealth here, you can see it in cars and the houses, the dogs being walked down working store fronts and restaurants. But everywhere you go, the scent urine is in the air.


untitled no. #1

I have no desire

To rule over people.

I desire to works

the uplifts,

shining light in dark places, so that fear cannot hide….

Is that true?

That if possible starve,

it is because the rulers are


The Tao says so.

So I will not rule,

but write good works.

Bad Apples


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Watching a country burn, under a cyber ‘boot’,

It’s leaders enthralled

to a foreigner’s service,

the will of it’s people

watered down and missed directed.

And the worms keeps eating deeper into gray matter

Until there is nothing left to save….